पंख तितली के

समेटे हैं रंग

पूरी कायनात के

जिन्हें निहार लूँ कभी

जी भर के

तो लगता है

मैं भी हो रही हूँ सतरंगी…

Hi! I’m Anu Mohit.

I love to paint and while painting, I feel as if I’m writing poetry through colors.

After free-hand painting apparels for more than a decade I decided to make it a formal start-up, hence formed Jugniz in October, 2013 . It is named after a female fictional character who hails from Punjab and keeps roaming the world as a free soul and expresses all her experiences through poetry.

What makes Jugniz exclusive even further is the calligraphy of poems written by my husband, Mohit, who being a poet, is as passionate about words as I am for colors.

The apparels are designed by me dotingly for females who love poetry and art and can exhibit their love for the same without any inhibitions.

Our goal is simple, to make painted poetry and Jugniz synonymous i.e. if it’s painted poetry, it’s probably Jugniz.

Jugniz is the end of your search if you are looking for something really exclusive, elite, elegant and exquisite at the same time.


With that small introduction, I welcome you to experience, explore and express an exclusive you!!!